Our Approach

To connect an existing seasoned and bonded wells team filled with people that are not only good at what they do, but have a PASSION for what they do, with clients in need of wells support and a strong desire for robust risk management & performance delivery.

The Bespoke Wells Team is an umbrella for a group of highly skilled wells professionals who have been handpicked for their competence, integrity and genuine desire to deliver performance ahead of the curves.

We strongly believe that what we bring to our clients as a complete embedded wells team is where we have the opportunity to add most value, and as such, manage risk exposure to maximize performance and ultimately impact the bottom line of a project.

We are not a large organisation and have no desire to be one, once we accept a project our aim is to provide our clients with our undivided attention. Your wells challenges become ours.

We recognise that individual client needs vary widely and as such the Bespoke Wells Team can provide ad-hoc support to supplement your existing in-house well management expertise or provide independent assurance on existing plans. This is evaluated on a case by case basis.

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Our Story

One thing that is consistent with every oil & gas industry downturn is the loss of experienced and talented wells personnel from  organisations as cost cutting strategies are implemented to shore up stock prices and/or ensure company survival.

Even with the deep pockets of the Major International Operators (from which the Bespoke Wells Team members originate) this loss of personnel with the associated experience & skill sets presents additional risk exposure to ongoing wells projects that must be managed.

The experience and skill set challenge becomes even more significant when preparations commence for an activity set ramp up as the industry recovers. The scramble for talent then commences as organisations try to strengthen existing team skill sets and bring experience levels up.

The lengthy journey of rebuilding fully functional and bonded wells teams then gets underway while trying to avoid a repeat of previous planning and operational pitfalls.

Having lived through and discussed this cycle at length for many years we always pondered that there must be an alternative way.

Although a 'silver bullet' for the cyclical personnel challenges within the O&G industry faced by the global wells community alluded us. We believed we had a concept that could play a significant role in mitigating this problem on a smaller scale at an individual organisation level. The inception of the Bespoke Wells Team.

We decided to pull together a wells team on paper from a list of handpicked experienced individuals who we had worked with previously. These individuals were considered top of their game and team players with a solid track record of performance delivery.

Fast forward five years and although the names on the original list changed a little, the Bespoke Wells Team was formed.

Overnight a client can move from no wells team to a fully functional seasoned wells team with 300+ years of experience that can hit the road running with the expertise and horsepower to make a real difference to project delivery and ultimately the bottom line.

Meet the Team

Charlie Gilbertson

Head of Well Management

Charlie brings over 34 years of experience as a Drilling Professional working with Mobil Oil, ExxonMobil and most recently BP. He has worked in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

His core experience includes rig start-ups (+remote regions), Complex Wells, HP/HT, Deepwater, Pre-Salt drilling and Extended Reach Drilling with Horizontal Completions (smart/sand control).

He has a track record of consistently delivering top quartile wells, primarily with the Bespoke Wells Team members.  These include 38 Deepwater wells drilled on the Greater Plutonio development offshore Angola and most recently 9 Deepwater exploration wells drilled offshore Brazil and GOM.

He has held the positions of Senior Drilling Supervisor, Drilling Superintendent and Wells Manager.

Alan Cordner

Head of Well Engineering

Alan brings 18 years of experience as a Drilling Professional, the majority of which with a major international operator. Transitioning back and forth between engineering and operations over his career, he brings a well rounded level of well design and practical drilling expertise to a project.

He has worked in the North Sea, Angola, Azerbaijan, Egypt and Brazil. Primarily on Deepwater, HPHT and MPD exploration & appraisal projects.

He has held Senior Drilling Engineer, Senior Drilling Supervisor, Engineering Team Leader and Drilling Superintendent positions on complex wells.

Peter Styles

Head of Completions & Testing

Peter has 35 years of international completion & intervention experience. With a background in exploration well testing, data acquisition, deepwater completions and intervention operations, he has extensive wellsite and operational management experience.

Next Steps...

To discuss your specific well project please reach us via our Head of Well Management, Charlie Gilbertson. Contact details below. Alternatively complete the inquiry form on our Contact Us page and we will get back to you.

We look forward to discussing your well project needs.

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